Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My goal and a question

I read A Strange Piece of Paradise in January of this year. I wrote a review of it on January 13. I think that I started it in January, not December, but I can't find confirmation. So is it fair to include this book on my list of books I've read for 2007??

I am setting what seems to be a reasonable goal at this point: 12 books.


Wendy said...

If you finished it in January, I say it's fair to include it :) And since I'm the instigator of this challenge, you can go with my opinion on this one *big smile*

How close are you to reading your goal of 12? I just hit #10 (half way to my goal of 20) last month.

Judith said...

Thank you!

I just started teh challenge but with Strange Piece I have already read two of the group. I haven't compiled a full list yet.