Thursday, July 12, 2007

Digging to America - Sally's Review

Finished: 11/07/07
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 277
Rated: C +
Cover: Trade Paperback
Obtained from? Library
Reason(s) for Reading: Wanted to

Opening Sentence: "...At eight o'clock in the evening, the Baltimore airport was nearly deserted..."

Well it was deserted except for the two families, Bitsy and Brad Donaldson along with Ziba and Sami Yazdan. They are here to pick up their adopted Korean daughters and from this auspicious moment a friendship is formed. Bitsi, is the main driver behind the friendship - an over the top gregarious wonderful American - she sometimes overwhelms the Iranian Yazdans. Ziba, in turn, tries to out-American her USA born friend.

Quietly in the background though the two cultures are more alike than they admit - with Bitsi's father and Sami's mother slowly breaking down the barriers and falling in love.

Each year the two families hold an 'Arrival' party to celebrate the arrival of the two little girls. It is over the top and shows the different ways the two families raise their daughters. Betsi insists on her daughter, Jin-Ho, retain her Korean name and culture. Where as Ziba changes her daughter Sookie's name to Sue does not emphasis her Korean roots. As the years progress the families face all sorts of challenges in this gentle book - it is a complex book, with many nuances, and unfolded at a gentle pace. It is not an in-your-face exciting read - but it leaves you well satisfied.

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Nyssaneala said...

I felt much the same way as you. It wasn't a great read, but an enjoyable one.

kookiejar said...

Yeah, it was alright. My review will be up sometime this week. I found Bitsy kind of irritating. So pushy.