Monday, July 2, 2007

Intuition - kookiejar's review

Science is the search for facts. It is, however, a discipline steeped in failure, as that is the only way we learn. Unfortunately, too many people are unwilling to allow medical science the failures necessary to advance the field.

"Intuition" takes place in a laboratory where a vaccine for cancer has proven effective in mice. Of course, a finding that huge cannot be kept secret for long, despite the lack of follow-up tests. The media is alerted, with predictable results (the handsome doctor is profiled in People Magazine, the female doctor lauded for succeeding in a male-oriented field, the Asian doctor applauded for achieving the American dream, etc.)

Then one of the doctors notices a small discrepancy in the notations of the head of the department. Her decision to bring it to the attention of the scientific community brings the wrath of the government and public opinion down on the lab. Instead of focusing on the facts at hand, the investigation turns ugly and personal, threatening to destroy all the good work done there.

The whistle blowing doctor is appalled by what her actions wrought but is powerless to stop the snowball she set rolling. I thought this novel was very well-written and Goodman really nailed some of the uglier aspects of human nature and office politics. I would highly recommend this book to everyone but especially anyone with an interest in science.


Wendy said...

Thanks for this review! This one is on my list (and I've heard mixed reviews)...all along I've thought it would be a book I'd enjoy and your review reinforced that idea!

Joy said...

I haven't heard anything about this book. It sounds pretty good Kookie. Thanks.

Dewey said...

I hadn't heard anything about it, either! But now it's going on my wishlist.

kookiejar said...

Thanks all. This is one of the better books I've read off this list.

3M said...

I had planned on reading this as well. Thanks for the review--I'm glad you liked it!