Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wendy's July/August Update

August 30, 2007: You're off the hook, Kookie! I didn't even get 10 pages into Only Revolutions before I gave up. I'm faring better with The Echo Maker...I MIGHT get through it before the month ends!

August 7, 2007
: Well I did not read even one of these books in July ... sigh ... I am sinking fast with my challenges lately. Too busy. And I hate that. BUT, I refuse to give up and hope I can get to at least a couple of these books in August. Kookie - if I manage to get through Only Revolutions, I expect a party *big grin*

Oh, this has been a heck of a summer for me. I'm not really complaining - but, my consulting business has suddenly gotten very busy (I picked up a new HUGE contract and will be doing some consulting for the State of California on top of that). I am sad to say, I am falling behind in some challenges. I had planned to read several NYT Most Notables in July and probably will not even get to one. At any rate, I have these as my next "picks" to read:

  1. Only Revolutions (which I half expect to be a DNF given the crappy reviews it has seen) DNF - hated it; I rate it a big fat zero
  2. The Emperor's Child
  3. A Woman in Jerusalem
  4. Gate of the Sun
  5. The Echo Maker If I'm lucky, I'll finish this one before the end of the month!
Wish me luck!!!


kookiejar said...

good luck, Wendy. Especially with "Only Revolutions". You'll be my new hero if you finish it.

Nyssaneala said...

I thought you were being a little quieter than usual lately. :) I'm also finding the summer to have less time for reading instead of more!

kookiejar said...

Oh, you'll get that party, Wendy. Balloons and everything. :)