Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Digging to America - Alisia's Review

I'll be the first to admit, this is not one of my most enlightening reviews. :)

Digging to America is the story of two families, the Yazdans and Donaldsons, who meet at the airport when they are both adopting babies from Korea. But this is where the similarities end. The Donaldson's are "very American" (whatever that means!), with Bitsy Donaldson staying home to raise her daughter, cooking largely vegetarian food, and embracing her daughter's Korean roots. The Yazdans, are an assimilated Iranian-American couple who are determined to raise their daughter as American as can be.

The story is a quick and easy read. I believe I enjoyed this story more because it literally took place a few blocks from where I live. (I live in the Mt Washington neighborhood in Baltimore where the Donaldsons reside, and the Yazdan's eventually move to). I've never read a book before by such a well known author that takes place virtually in my backyard! Her potrayal of the Iranian American family I felt was largely adequate, but was lacking depth. For a story mainly about the clash of cultures, something seemed a bit out of sync, or missing, from her story.

I wasn't looking for a deep, fulfilling read, but something entertaining. Digging to America fits that niche pretty well. (Much in the same way as this review is not very deep and thought-provoking!)


kookiejar said...

After being bogged down with some of these books, maybe this one is just the palate cleaner I've been looking for. Thanks, Alisia!

Anonymous said...

I finished that book this week as well. And I agree it wasn't a heavy read, but i did find a lot to it being that I have MANY friends who have or are going through overseas adoptions. Maybe I'll get my post up tomorrow.
Either way--i agree it is a very enjoyable read!

Wendy said...

I think I'd like this book - I know it has gotten some lukewarm reviews, but sometimes I want to read something that is fun that won't strain my brain so much!

Joy said...

As you already wasn't for me! I do hope that you all enjoy it though. :)