Sunday, April 1, 2007

"Thoughts of Joy..." ~ Digging to America (Tyler)

"Thoughts of Joy..." can be found here.

The story was very shallow and repetitious with no direction or point and the characters were boring and unimpressive. Thankfully, I was able to accomplish many other tasks while listening to it. If it wasn’t a BOiPod, I may have abandoned it; there wouldn't have been anything compelling enough to keep me reading. I like to be either entertained or informed (or both) when reading or listening to a book, unfortunately this one didn’t deliver in either arena.


Wendy said...

I'm undecided on reading this one - I haven't heard a lot of great things about it, but I love Anne Tyler. I'll at least wait until it comes out in soft cover :)

kookiejar said...

I was able to pick up a copy of this at a used book sale, so if I end up not liking it (like my friend Joy) than I won't be too brokenhearted. I'll keep this review in mind.

Nyssaneala said...

I just finished reading this one yesterday. For me, it was a quick, enjoyable read. Not the best of Anne Tyler, but still a good way to pass a few hours.