Sunday, February 25, 2007

CLARIFICATION of Rules by Wendy

I have had some questions concerning the rules of this challenge, so wanted to clarify...

1. There are no set numbers of books you have to read.
2. Books read should be from the 2006 NYT Most Notable Fiction OR Non fiction lists (see lists already posted to this blog).
3. If you choose to read both non fiction and fiction, at least 75% of the books read should be from the fiction list. This is so we have enough overlap to be able to share and discuss books.
4. Participants are encouraged to cross-post their reviews of books to this blog. Feel free to include a link to the original review on your own blog.
5. When posting, please use appropriate labels. For example: fiction, non fiction, etc... When posting a review, please include a label for the Title of the book so that others can quickly look at and read all reviews for that book in one place.
6. You do not have to select books "in advance"... but you are free to do so if you want to (many participants are creating provisional lists which are subject to change).

Whew! I think I've covered it all.

Thanks for your participation...I hope this will be a fun and rewarding experience for all!

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