Friday, February 23, 2007


Hello, fellow NYT Notable Book Pursuers!

Wendy suggested that we look into an organizational scheme that would make it possible to view all the posts on a specific topic or book in a single place or folder. I have been experimenting with this idea and this is what I propose:

When you write a post, "tag" it in the section of your "Create" or "Edit Posts" page called "Labels" (at the bottom of the composing section) with the name of the book and any other tags you or the group find useful. The blog's readers can then click on the labels at the bottom of individual post to see all the posts that share that label.

For instance, I have gone through and tagged all of the existing posts by title (I have two tags for Suite Française, because some browsers have trouble using the ç) and by the additional tags "fiction," "non-fiction," "lists," and "personal lists." [The difference between the last two is that "lists" is for posts that link to or post the NYT Notable Books list, and "personal lists" relates to our own personal book goals.]

But this is just the beginning. Feel free to add labels as they come to you ("links" might be a natural next step, for instance), or to change the labels I have applied if they don't suit. I can continue to do some superficial maintenance (making sure that all reviews are labeled by title of book reviewed, for instance), but you should feel free to use the labeling system any way you like!

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