Saturday, February 24, 2007

Joy's Challenge Choices

1. Half of a Yellow Sun (Adichie)

2. One Good Turn (Atkinson)

Eat, Pray, Love (Gilbert)
Finished on 1-15-07
Finished 3-25-07

The Road (McCarthy)
Finished 4-03-07

6. Black Swan Green (Mitchell)

Shelved for another day.

7. Suite Francaise (Nemirovsky)

Shelved for another day.

Beasts of No Nation (Iweala)
Finished 3-29-07

9. The Echo Maker (Powers)

Reading Like a Writer (Prose)
Finished on 11-5-06

Everyman (Roth)
Finished on 5-22-07
Finished on 09-7-06

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Pour of Tor said...

I am sorry to hear that "Digging to America" was a disappointment. In fact, I am beginning to wonder whether I should switch it out for something else on my list. Hmmm. I read my first Anne Tyler a few months ago - "The Amateur Marriage" - and felt a bit off-put at the end of that experience. It left me with a faint aftertaste of uncomfortable but delicate mundaneness. But as time has past, I found that the novel and its characters continued to stay with me and trouble me (by which I don't mean to imply that they were badly written, just that the were sometimes unpleasant people in the most normal of human ways) much more than books normally do with me. So it was in the afterlife of the novel that I came to appreciate it a little more. "Breathing Lessons" is another one of hers I would like to try before making a firm judgment about how I feel about Tyler's work.

Joy said...

I just reread my thoughts on it...a little harsh, but oh so true for me. I wouldn't want you to change your list on account of me. You may like it.