Friday, March 2, 2007

Amy's Progress

I just posted this as a comment on Kim's post but then I happened to think that I should make a new post.

I am currently reading "The Inhabited World". I am enjoying it so far, though I just started last night.

I also just got "The Keep" as an audiobook for my Mp3 player. Audiobooks don't usually work out as well for me as regular books do but I will give this a shot. I may end up trading for a regular book later.

Good luck and Happy Reading!


Kim said...

I have never "read" with an audio book before...I will be interested to hear how that works out for you! Happy reading!

kookiejar said...

I hope you enjoy 'The Inhabited World' as much as I did. You can read my review to see some of the author's thoughts.

Amy said...

Thanks I will check it out when I finish. (Hopefully this weekend)