Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spoiler Alerts

I just want to say "THANK YOU!" to all of those that have been posting a "Spoiler" alert in their reviews. I truly appreciate it.

My thoughts on books do not contain spoilers and I don't like to read them either; I barely read dust jackets! Over the years, I have found that it is often helpful to know something about a chosen book through the dust jacket, a review, word of mouth, etc. because I have been burned many times by plain and simply not knowing...however, I still do not want to read much.

Anyway, this blog is the perfect place to review and discuss the books with freedom. I can't wait to read my choices so I can read all of your reviews!


~*~ Joy ~*~


Pour of Tor said...

I am glad you have found the spoiler warnings helpful and well done, Joy! I am always anxious and wary about how much plot to share in my reviews, and I think this is even more complicated with a blog like this where you can expect that some of your readers will have read the book very recently (and you want to discuss spoilerish facets of the book with them!), while others are reading the review to decide whether they want to read the book or give it a miss.

kookiejar said...

I agree with you and Joy, Ariel. It is difficult to write a review without giving too much away, even more difficult to have a discussion. So spoiler tags are very important for everyone to use. I also don't like to know much about a book before I pick it up. Thanks, Joy, for the reminder.

Wendy said...

I try really hard not to write spoilers in my reviews. I agree we need to be sensitive about warnings if we are revealing spoilers so that we don't ruin the book for others! I am being careful about reading comments on the reviews of those books which I have not read yet. I want people to feel comfortable discussing plot, characters, etc...all of which may contain warnings are good :)The idea of this blog is to give us a forum for discussion, so we *do* walk that gray line sometimes!

Nyssaneala said...

Generally, I don't include spoilers in my review, because I know how upsetting it can be to come across a spoiler when you don't want to!

Adding a spoiler warning is a great tool though, because you are still able to discuss those *big* moments in books with others who have read it.