Friday, March 16, 2007

Progress Report--Kookiejar

Just like two weeks ago, when I last checked in, I am only 50 pages into 'Half of a Yellow Sun', however with a few books from this month's stack cleared away, I should be getting back to that one.

In other news, I have finished 'The Keep' and 'Terrorist' and will post reviews of them before long. Trying to space them out a little. Also trying to figure out how to write a review of 'The Keep' that doesn't give too much away.

Looking forward to starting 'Alentejo Blue', 'Old Filth' and 'Golden Country' before the month is up. Barring any unforseen book ambush, of course.

Unrelated to this challenge, I gave up on my March TBR book so that freed me up to finish my third Chunkster, which will breeze by because I am loving it. I'll be posting a review of that at the end of the month on my blog.

Anxiously awaiting news of your progess.


Amy said...

I love the challenges. They really spur me on but at the same time it's a juggling act! :)

Loose Baggy Monster said...

I had started "Old Filth" a while ago and was really enjoying it before I got sidetracked. Now I have the embarrassing situation of requesting it from the library a second time! I'm interested to see what you think of it...

Wendy said...

Oh...I have Old Filth on my list to read (and I bought the book already too!)...glad to hear you are enjoying it :)