Saturday, March 3, 2007

Wendy's Update and Thoughts

Wow...I'm away for a day and a half and things get busy!!

I've been catching up on some group reads lately, but should be starting Inheritance of Loss within a week. I also plan on reading Beasts of No Nation and The Translater this month.

It would be really great if people would put a copy of their reviews on this site, with a label including the title so that with one click we could read all the reviews in one place (I also think it would make it easier to have "discussions" through the comments this way). What I have done is copy/paste my review from my blog to this site, and then provide a link back to my blog. Make sense?

Also, in order to keep the label list down to a manageable number, I've removed the 'currently reading' label and just put all these posts under a 'progress' label. I hope that works for all of you!

I love that we have an enthusiastic group here! I'm so glad you all decided to join me on this "personal" challenge :)

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