Friday, March 30, 2007

Golden Country- Amy's First DNF of 2007

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This is my first DNF for 2007. It's not that it's bad. It's just so.....plodding. It switches perspectives often and I am having a hard time keeping things straight. It's like I am not interested enough to try.

I am about a third of the way into it and I am not hooked. This book is due at the library and I have no desire to renew it so for now I am giving up on it. I am going to move it down to my alternates list and move on to my next book. I may pick it up later in the year because I don't hate it...I just don't find it engaging right now.

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kookiejar said...

I have this one checked out, but I haven't started it yet. I'll keep your warning in mind. Thanks.