Friday, March 2, 2007

Stephanie's Progress far as progress goes, I picked up Suite Francais from the library yesterday....does that count?? My local library is hit or miss with good books. There will be 50 copies of Da Vinci Code or the latest Danielle Steele novel. But anything Classic or Literary Fiction, you just never know. I stopped in last Saturday...and ended up requesting 8 books through ILL (they've been calling all week saying I have a book or two in. My husband keeps looking at me funny every time he sees Alpha Park Library on the caller-id. " I thought you stopped by and picked up that book???" he says! And I smile and say "I did!") Suite Francaise I picked up yesterday. So it will be the first I read for this challenge. Just no time to start :( Hopefully this weekend! Hope you all have a great weekend!!



kookiejar said...

That's funny Stephanie, my library is exactly the opposite. Can't get my hands on popular fiction, but the literary stuff is just sitting around gathering dust. I feel very lucky!

Amy said...

My library has a good mix. I just wish I could read faster :)